Nawar Abdul Wahed 2021



Chief Executive Officer EurAsia

The EurAsia Organization was founded by a group of professionals united by the desire to seek new business opportunities for enterprises in the UAE and the entire Middle East, as well as to expand their presence in key markets of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

We have been able to build strong relationships with governments and business leaders in the Russian/CIS/Baltic States, and thanks to the established connections in both regions, we have been able to properly maximize the potential of local economies to create powerful synergies from working together.


Using our professionalism and hard work as a starting point, we work tirelessly to meet the needs of our corporate members. We understand advantage as an essential goal that can only be achieved through the success, best results and prosperity of our partners.


We provide a wide variety of services. I will list our main organizational services.


Meetings and trade missions

We offer a full range of services for our clients between the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Russia, the CIS and Baltic countries, including:

-       Organization of personal meetings with representatives of government and business.

-       Organization of effective business programs.

-       Visa support / Hotel booking / Transfers.

-       Organization of visits to or participation in exhibitions, conferences, forums.

-       Liaising with local administrations, chambers of commerce and professional associations.


Market research

We can conduct comprehensive market research and advise on market entry for Russia, the CIS countries, the Baltic states, and the Gulf states.

Our marketing research includes:

-       Determining the size and structure of the market.

-       Identification of market trends and risk factors.

-       Creation of forecasts of market development.

-       Analysis of the competitive environment.

-       Portrayal of the macroeconomic environment and government policies.

-       Assessing and ranking strategic choices for your company.


Business plans

Business planning is carried out in order to assess the prospects of the project, develop a mechanism for making a profit, draw up a strategic and tactical plan of activities.

Our business plans include:

-       Study of target markets.

-       Analysis and definition of the organization's activities.

-       Development of strategies and tactics for achieving goals.

-       Formulation of short, medium and long term targets.

-       Generate financial projections based on estimates of sales and production costs when creating and selling a product.

-       Creation of the most appropriate marketing strategy (advertising campaigns, sales promotion programs, pricing, definition of sales channels, etc.)


Company registration

We offer a full range of services for the registration of companies in the Gulf countries or in Russia and the CIS countries, including:

-       selection of the best jurisdiction and legal form for the company;

-       registration of your company in any of the available jurisdictions;

-       representing your company in the local market.


Other business services

We are ready to provide support for your market presence with the help of dedicated teams of accountants and lawyers.

We also organize various events, such as the Eurasian Business Forums, which are held quarterly in collaboration with embassies and consulates of countries to draw attention to these countries and showcase investment and trade opportunities. And also Eurasian Social Tuesdays - monthly events, the purpose of which is to unite Russian speakers in the United Arab Emirates in an informal meeting, where participants can fruitfully communicate and exchange ideas.

One of the main players in EurAsia is Chief Executive Officer Nawar Abdul Wahed, who has many years of experience in various positions in the field of establishing and maintaining ties between officials and companies of the countries of the former Soviet Union and the UAE.

Together with his colleagues, he is working to turn Eurasia into a single window for any company in the Middle East that would like to enter one of the markets of Russian-speaking countries.

Mr. Abdul Wahed graduated from Damascus University with a degree in English literature and received a second degree in economics and social history from Oxford University.

He has lived and worked in three different cultures: Russian, Arabic and British, and also speaks Russian, Arabic and English.

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