Geoffrey Riddle 2021

Geoffrey Riddle 

Poised, Polished & Professional

Geoffrey Riddle is a master communicator. Whether speaking in front a group, writing or sharing       his secrets of persuasion, the goal is always the same. Keep it simple, so everyone walks away thinking, “That’s easy, I can do that!” It sounds simple, but not so easy in a world where complexity seems to reign. According to Albert Einstein, “If you cannot easily explain your subject matter, then you just don’t understand enough about it.”

In several of his early selling positions, Geoffrey discovered the simplest way to explain complicated contracts so prospective clients felt comfortable in their decisions to buy, which increased his sales and significantly reduced his rate of recision. As the frequency of his sales increased, he was getting more requests to share his secrets. First, in small groups, then slowly building to large conventions both in the United States and Internationally. 

All during the time he was speaking, Geoffrey continued to sell. Reading, experimenting and tweaking his technique. He was quite certain that people wanted to learn real world skills. In essence, he was experimenting and gambling with his own career to provide his audiences with cutting edge skills that he knew actually worked. Along the way, he managed to find time to serve as President of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania chapter of the National Speakers Association and was instrumental in the founding of a special interest group for sales that continues today.

Enter the Luxury Market

You need to be aware of opportunity when it is presented and sometimes it’s presented as failure. Learning golf at a young age and spending countless hours practicing and chasing trophies was all designed for a career as a professional, but that never came to fruition. Instead, it’s what happened inside the clubhouses of America, not on the golf course, that opened the gilt-edged doors of luxury into a career as a speaker, author and strategist for the luxury market. 

“Throughout my life, golf has given me entre to high-net-worth individuals and the opportunity to experience a luxury lifestyle. I have flown on private jets, enjoyed Five-Star hotels around the world, driven exotic automobiles, travelled on yachts and spoken to U.S. Presidents. Most importantly however, was the information they would share with me in private about their lives, businesses, motivations and fears. A communication style that requires far more listening than talking. Paradoxically, most luxury consultants have never experienced this lifestyle and certainly have not been invited into personal conversations that required the utmost secrecy.”

There is a certain mindset for the luxury market. One that cannot be acquired through just research and inconclusive theories. At some time, only experience, good and bad, is the best teacher. With over $100 million in personal sales, Geoffrey has discovered what works and all the ups, downs, mistakes and pitfalls that he shares with clients, audiences and in his soon to be published book, “The Art & Science of Luxury Selling.” A salesman forever and professional speaker since 1980, along with voice over and on-camera work, one of his clients has recently dubbed him, “The Voice of Luxury.” He is quick to laugh at this and plays it down as just one opinion; but doesn’t come right out and deny it. 

“I have been working and re-working my image for years. It wasn’t until I got to a certain age, did I finally think I grew into what I imagined. “The term, “Ladies & Gentleman” always meant more to me then a greeting. It was a look, a way of life and a behavior. A system of values to be admired and a certain belief in yourself that did not need anyone’s approval and yet was genuine.”

One client was recently quoted as saying, “Geoffrey is invited to every event we sponsor. Many times, he has attended without a fee and speaks to clients on our behalf. He is easily our best representative. Sometimes describing a person pigeonholes them, but I don’t think he would mind if I told you that he is poised, polished & professional. Timeless elegance. When you hear him, there is an unspoken message, a secret. There is luxury, fantasy, comfort and reassurance.  All the feelings upon which every luxury brand sale is based.”

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