Dr. Hamed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi 2021


A Successful Leader 


Dr. Hamed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi is an internationl entrepreneur and philanthropist born to an eminent Emirati family.  Dr Al Suwaidi holds a BSc in International Business & Finance from Regents University, London, a PgD in Finance and Banking, MSc in Strategic Business and a PhD in Economic and Finance from University of Portsmouth, UK. Dr Al Suwaidi is a renowned banker whom after 15 years of banking experience chose to move into the entrepreneurship world and established several ventures in Arts and culture, real estate and consulting. 

The Early Days

Dr. Hamed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi was raised in a traditional and very educated Emirati family. He was always surrounded by a strong cultural influence and various types of arts, especially poetry. Several senior members of the family are renowned poets or historians who have left a mark in the industry, in the United Arab Emirates and the world. As a result, the passion for arts and culture was always part of his world and despite choosing a different career path, he was keen to always be involved in various avenues to promote and support bridging cultures through arts.


In 2015, Dr. Al Suwaidi became a Patron of the National Portrait Gallery in London and have since gained a fellowship in the Royal Society of Arts among many others. He has supported various art departments in leading schools and became the Patron of Arts in the British School of Al. Khubairat in Abu Dhabi.


In 2016, Dr. Al Suwaidi developed the first Emirati Tartan. The Emirati tartan represents a cultural blend of the two nations where it is made from the UAE flag colors and sown in the traditional Scottish pattern. In 2017, Dr. Al Suwaidi guided a leading tailor house in the United Kingdome to develop the Emirati Tie, pin and cufflinks. Even though are not part of the Emirati dress for men or women but the icons developed by British Taylors honor of the relationship between the two countries and are used by several Emirati leaders during their international official missions as a piece of their beloved UAE.

 Building from Home

With the Al Suwaidi known for being instrumental in the making of the United Arab Emirates and developing its economy, Dr Al Suwaidi started archiving all the family achievements. The archives compiled rare images, untold stories and rich web content for each one of the family members. In 2019, the Al Suwaidi Foundation was developed combining all the family initiatives and became a beacon that supports cultural development activities in the UAE. The Al Suwaidi Foundation have partnered with global organizations such as Make A Wish Foundation to provide support where it is needed most.

 The Abu Dhabi Arts Society

In 2019, the Abu Dhabi Arts Society, ADAS, was launched to be the home to all artists, young and old, junior and experienced. ADAS showcases various types of works for its member artists, providing them with a community to network and exchange ideas. ADAS provides its community with training to hone and develop their skills and connects its members to global artists or leaders in the industry through various forums. Despite the pandemic, ADAS grew to include over 7000 followers in a short period of time and is still growing. 

A New Venture

In the late 2020, a new venture was developed, HART. HART is an e-commerce platform for exchanging works of art, rare photography and collectibles.


HART is ,the first of its kind, an Emirati born initiative that combines an online community of Artists, Organizations, Individuals and the Youth to engage in the Exchange to buy or/and sell pieces of Artworks, Collectibles, Photographs and Books. HART places a greater emphasis on cultural and global engagement in the face of Fintech and Innovation. Democratizing access to Art & Collectibles for anyone to buy, sell, and trade in fractional ownership. The members on this platform can potentially avail the use blockchain technology to digitally tokenize artworks and collectibles and ensure authenticity, price history and provenance, by our partners globally.


HART’s vision is to revolutionize the art industry and support the artistic community, protect and strengthen digital identity and foster new International Investments


Final words

Dr. Al Suwaidi strongly believes that art always creates unity and diversity between cultures around the globe. It is an unspoken universal language. One need not be of a certain culture, religion or background to produce or to appreciate a piece of art. It is this belief and understanding that contributed to the development of the communities created. They are geared towards support and development of those who wish to grow in the field and those who wish to be instrumental in contributing to it. 

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