Baroness Irina von Behr 2021


Baroness Irina von Behr

Baroness and CEO at Barons International, LLC

While most people my age (I am turning 70 this August 16th) are basking in retirement, I enjoy taking on challenges that will impact the most people. For many years I have been deeply engaged in fighting human trafficking and specifically child sex trafficking locally and globally.

Back in 2016 I decided to run for political office using my own time and money. At the suggestion of my advisors, my first race was for Tempe City Council in order to get my name out and for me to learn the landscape. Subsequently, in 2018 I ran for United States Congress for my district, again using my own time and funds. In order to qualify for the ballot, a candidate must obtain signatures from voters in the district. During my campaigning, my husband of 23 years and I personally knocked on over 13,000 doors to get the signatures I needed to qualify for the ballot.

Although I did not win that race, I did not give up. In fact, during my campaigning I discovered an opportunity that could have brought thousands of jobs and $9 Billion dollars to Arizona’s economy each year. It would require a change of State Legislation, and I decided the best way to accomplish that was by way of a ballot initiative.

Therefore, in 2020 I ran again for U.S. Congress as well as sponsored the ballot initiative, again using my own time and money for both campaigns. The ballot initiative would have reinstated a film tax credit and would have required 40% of the net tax proceeds to be paid directly to teacher salaries, another 40% would help college students with in-state tuition to our State Universities, and the last 20% would be used for State infrastructure projects at the discretion of our state government. Furthermore, this initiative would not have increased taxes to Arizona residents. This type of legislation was something that had never been done before.

Unfortunately, COVID 19 struck and our state locked everything down before I could get all of the signatures needed to get both myself and the ballot initiative (which required over 300,000 signatures state-wide) on the 2020 ballot.

When I see problems, I look for solutions, and I love taking on big challenges. That is why I decided to use my knowledge, skills and global connections to combat COVID-19, and this is how Barons International, LLC came into existence.

I established Barons International, LLC, last summer in response to my desire to help governments and organizations around the world combat this global pandemic. Over the next several months I worked tirelessly to cut through the supply chain and get to the companies that manufacture PPE products in order to provide the best prices and fastest delivery to my prospective clientele.

Barons International, LLC, is truly honored that our first major contract will be with His Highness Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan to assist the Ras Al Khaimah Government Procurement Authority (RAKGPA) in procuring 250 Million face masks and 50 Million medical isolation gowns to help them combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

When I started Barons International, LLC, I decided to completely walk away from politics and focus all of my energy on helping others around the world to solve problems with medical supplies, drinkable water, new technology including medical advances, and am hoping to be involved in the space industry in the near future.

I am a member of the:

USGLC (United States Global Leadership Coalition)

UNGM (United Nations Global Marketplace)

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