Hector Sulaiman Saldivar 2021



The Successful Businessman 

Hector born in Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas.

He graduated from the Business Administration degree  ITESM .

Hector is founding partner of the law firm called "Grijalva Latapí, Sulaimán  Tlapanco Abogados"

In 1992 he left the law firm to collaborate as Advisor to the Presidency of Grupo Bufete Industrial, a company listed on the BMV and the NYSE.

Hector has a successful partnership with the CFE's Topolobampo II and La Carbo-Eléctrica Carbón II thermoelectric generation plant, as well as another important thermoelectric plant,between the borders of Paraguay and Argentina in South America and the Los Angeles City Metro project, California, US in collaboration with  the company Stone & Webster Constructions.

Within his multiple activities, he has participated as a Partner, Shareholder, Advisor and as a member of the Board of Directors of various Mexican and international companies, such as:

 - Advisor to Alstom de México, TRIBASA Construcciones, PEMEX and Degremont México.

 - Participation in the planning, engineering and management for the construction of the first Petrochemical Complex in Mexico associated with Maricopa Refining Group LLC.

 - Partner in Ivanhoe Energy, Inc, a Canadian company listed on the NYSE.

 - Partner of Gente Oil, a company based in Santa Bárbara California, dedicated to exploring, detecting and developing oil and gas reserves.

 - Partner and founder of World Energy Ventures Inc. dedicated to the development of Oil and Gas fields.

 - “PATRON” of the International Community TED Conference.

 - President of Advanced Leadership Foundation México.

 - He is currently the CEO of Sulaimán Asociados, Terminales y Servicios del Golfo and Controles Gráficas, SA de CV.

 - President of the Advisory Council of the Foundation of Pope Francis, Scholas Occurrentes in Mexico.

 - President of the José Sulaimán Chagnón Foundation.

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