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Mr. Faisal is a name who has built his vision with influence and professionalism.  He has followed the path as a narrator of life promising all obstacles as a goal to achieve his success.  His attitudes have been quite demanding in the foreign market through which many partners have built intermediate trust with his efficiency and rigorous experience.  His personality does not belong to anyone, when everything is created in the balancing force of any kind of completed technical process.  The difference of loss and victory for Mr. Faisal is simply a process, which can be called neither realization for failure.  The ambitious rivalry connects every parameter of the priorities to guide the business on the demands, that raise awareness and develop the prognosis of big innovative changes.  Mr. Faisal has founded three important companies.




INA Establishments Began Trading & Mediating Through Al Nasr Gold Trading & Also With The Other Major International Suppliers & Manufacturers Directly Around The World. Earning Customers & Suppliers Mutual Trust Is A Key Factor For INA Establishments Reputation. It Has Provided INA Establishments With A Solid Foundation For Future Growth And Business Development. Some Of INA Establishments Clients & Counterparties:
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Bullion Wholesale Traders
  • Mining Companies
  • Jewellery Wholesalers
  • Refineries


Al Nasr Food Supplies A Subsidiary Of INA Establishments Utilizing Its Comprehensive Experience & Network In Food Industry With Various Trading Companies, Al Nasr Food Supplies Engages Through Its Food Chain Israco General Trading & Harvest Holdings.
The Company’s Primary Focus Now Is To Reach Out To Customers In South Asia, Africa, And Middle East With Its Highly Competitive Prices. However, The Future Is Changing And With Each Step, The Roots Of Our Original Vision Continue To Grow. For Easy Connection Of Producers And Processors In Agriculture Industry The Trading Platform Will Be Established. The Platform Can Only Be Used By Verified Users.



Al Nasr Medical Supplies A Subsidiary Of INA Establishments Is A Privately Owned Domestic & International Trading & Distribution Company. The Management Has Experience In The Fields Of Importing & Distributing Of Medical Items. The Basic Function Of The Company Is To Mediate, Source, Market & Distribute Pharmaceutical Products From Both The Domestic & Overseas Markets.

We Seek Out Companies Whose Business Models & Management Structures Make Them Reliable Partners For Producing Solid Returns ForOur Company.

The importance of this company highlights competition as a means to identify quality and projects international collaborations, to transform and set new trading criteria in market empowerment to bring strategy to our trade and to break the boundaries according to a general rule that breaks  economic balances. Food quality and the way to market it have significant features to conceive all customer requirements as well as the commercial function between companies, that set the same conditions for which profit balances the strengthening of the national market.  Mr. Faisal operates on several concepts that guide the effective ways of a sustainable profit at the national and international level.

The company's assets have established an industry that operates at the height of priorities that contextually import all the experience gained in trading power.  As one of the sustainable recycling campaigns through the proposals legally consisting of operating the international market for strong competitive motives, Mr.  Faisal has built the programming difference of influential goals, to bring the result of any kind of profit in exchange for market values ​​to empower the workforce as well, as to exchange trade secrets for sustainable initiatives through strategy to recognize the genuinely effective challenges.

To take a more detailed look, this whole venture is simply owned by a 32-year-old businessman with so many initiatives that revolutionize the delivery of big market advantages, as he has shown that influence is simply a key that can not function in it all company doors.  The direction and empowerment of Mr.  Faisal refuses to follow the established structures for tangible global benefits, above all enterprises. He prefer  the different orientation tactic that brings professionalism and trust to our customers and global partners.  He does not seek to own everything that is imported for a period of time but chooses profitability to put forward protagonist ideas in socio-economic interaction.  The controversial leadership that brings rivalry is the very status it offers from the essence of any venture, to recognize not only the sales competition but strategically the financial mechanisms that sow progressive ideas in the national civilization of a profit that, affects business categorizations to strengthen economic relations diplomatic.


INA Establishments Founded By Mohammed Abdullah Faisal, Relies On A Team Of Highly Skilled & Multi-disciplined Professionals To Operate Its Global Investments & Trading.

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