Mohamed Al Banna 2021

 Mohamed Al Banna 

Lead Ventures Mission 

Growing up in the UAE, my eyes have witnessed the growth of the country in the last few decades, it has inspired my mind to the extent that I developed a passion for bringing the world to the UAE, the land of opportunity.  My mission was to be part of the initiative to build the bridge for businesses from around the world not only to come to the UAE but to achieve success in the region.  My vision made to reality is Lead Ventures.

As the CEO and Managing Director of Lead Ventures, and recently being appointed as a Senior Advisor to His Highness Sheikh Juma bin Maktoum Al Maktoum, to work alongside a strong-minded businessman and prominent member of the Royal Family of Dubai, it is one of my proudest professional achievements to date. This would have not been possible without faith, positivity and focus and this mantra is embedded within all pillars of our organisation. I come from a background where nothing is handed to you on a plate and you have to work ridiculously hard to be successful. I always maintained a 'never give up' attitude which I have applied to all areas of my life and I am a true believer of the law of attraction, positivity breeds positivity. 

Through building successful working relationships and years of experience representing Royal Family offices, I was empowered to build my own foundation to pioneer the local market and make a difference with Lead Ventures by becoming a strategic partner with companies on a global scale. Now, my vision is to build an ecosystem of key players who will alongside us, effectively penetrate the market and reach desired aspirations in no time.

- About Lead Ventures 

Lead Ventures support businesses with their set up in the region with a team of entrepreneurs along with our influential advisory board who bring a wealth of experience across all industries. Our scope of services includes registration and licensing, business development and consultancy, market intel, strategic advice and a business model that will get you in front of the right people to ensure you are connecting with industry experts to make your transition into the region a seamless process. In addition to this, we support with all aspects of HR, Finance and Marketing to get your feet off the ground enabling a smooth running of your business operations. This unique service offering gives you the opportunity to become a strategic partner with our organisation where you will have the opportunity to be associated with members of the Royal Family and full leverage to our platform to enter the UAE market by having access to top-level decision-makers.

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